Are the prices listed per person or for the whole boat?

The prices listed are for the whole boat. Feel free to bring up to 6 total passengers. All of the trips are private charters, so just you, your friends and family are the guests.

Where IS the pickup location?

Pick-up is at Clipper Yacht Harbor, located about 8 miles North of San Francisco, just across the Golden Gate Bridge, in beautiful and historic Sausalito, CA. 

Meeting point will be near the dock, with accessible, free parking. 

Please inquire about any other specific pick-up or drop-off locations.

Are children allowed on THE tours?

Yes, children are allowed on all tours. Kids tend to really enjoy the experience of sailing, however you will need to spend time to supervise them while on board. Kids need to be able to listen well and follow safety instructions. We recommend a ratio of one adult to every two children.

What do passengers do besides sightseeing?

When you book a charter with us, the experience is really up to you. It can be the sit back and relax, leisurely approach, or you and your party can get involved, trim some sails and steer! Captain Memo grew-up locally in and around the Bay, so can also speak about the history and point out various points of interest, or can just sail the boat and let you do your own socializing.

Do you provide food and drinks? Can we bring our own?

We will have an ample supply of snacks, such as fresh-fruit, crackers and chips, and beverages, including bottled water and juice, on board.

However, feel free to bring your own food, snacks or drinks. You will have use of the refrigerator, freezer, utensils, napkins, cups and plates. There is no additional corkage fee or cleaning fee.

** PLEASE - no red wine or dark colored drinks, like grape juice or cranberry juice, as these will stain the wood if spilled. Thank you!! **

Sausalito is filled with great places to pick up lunch and bring on board. Some of our favorites are:

For other recommendations, please feel free to ask us!

What should I wear?

We advise that passengers dress in layers (t-shirt, sweatshirt, gloves and wind-breaker are the minimum of what we'd suggest; more if you tend to get cold easily, like a beanie, scarf, heavier jacket). Long pants or wind pants are also recommended. 

Wear tennis/court/boat shoes that are non-marking. Please no boots or hard rubber soled sandals, heels or shoes.

The San Francisco Bay has ever changing weather! Depending on where we sail, there can be drastic temperature differences. The weather may be warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt during one leg of the journey, and then turn cold where pants and a cold-weather jacket are needed - all in the same day. We have plenty of storage for extra clothes so feel free to pack accordingly.

Bring cameras, sunscreen, and lip balm. Hats, particularly ones with a cord to wrap around your chin or that can be clipped to your clothing, are also good.

Do you have a set itinerary or schedule for the San Francisco Sailing Trips?

We are happy to give you suggestions, otherwise it is your trip to decide what you want to see, weather depending.

This is a general guide to the route we may take on a 3-4 hour charter:

  • Leave Sausalito and sail along the historic Sausalito waterfront for an up-close view
  • Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge for a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the Marin Headlands
  • Spend time sailing out past the Golden Gate Bridge (depending on the weather and currents)
  • Sail back under the Golden Gate Bridge; cruise along the Presidio, Crissy Field, Aquatic Park, Fort Mason, Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39; see the Liberty Ship, Jeremiah O'Brian
  • Continue along the waterfront past the Financial District and under the Bay Bridge, approaching AT&T Park and some of the Navy ships that are docked for service
  • Then sail back up under the Bay Bridge to Alcatraz Island and then on to Angel Island where we get a close look at this beautiful state park and many of its historical buildings
  • Sail past Tiburon and see some of the most beautiful and exclusive homes in the world
  • Then back into Sausalito, past the artistic and colorful “anchor-out” waterfront community and the interesting and unique floating homes
  • And then a final glimpse of the harbor seals that line the docks heading into our slip in the Sausalito harbor

Sailing Memo Boat Charters can also include stopping off and anchoring at various locations like Aquatic Park, in San Francisco, or Angel Island, a relaxing location where you can have a peaceful lunch or even take a swim to see how the Bay water feels!

We can also travel down towards the South Bay to see the giant Navy ships that are dry-docked or up into the North Bay to catch some Marin County sights like China Camp, Red Rock Island, and the East Brother Lighthouse.

Every trip is different depending upon the winds, currents, time of day, wildlife, location of other boats and the desires of the clients. This is your own private yacht with a captain. You get to choose the route.

Is there an enclosed cabin where people can sit inside?

Yes, Basic Instinct has all the amenities of a home … just at a much smaller scale! She is well-equipped down below with leather couches and a seating area, and also a forward and aft bunk if a nap is required! There is also a clean, private head (bathroom) for your use while on the charter.

Although being up in the cockpit or out on the deck provides the best spots to view the San Francisco Bay, going down below gives you a great place to take a break from the elements.

What if it is raining?

Winter sailing can be a very exciting experience. However, if you prefer to not sail in the rain, Sailing Memo Boat Charters will happily re-schedule your charter for another day.

What do people tend to enjoy most about these cruises?

The experience of being on the water is unlike any you will have had before. Taking-in the sights, being up close with the marine wildlife, bathing in the sun or being surrounded by fog and feeling the sharpness of the Bay wind, can be relaxing and exciting all at once. Everyone has a unique and personal experience - just be ready to take it all in!