Be prepared

Sailing on the San Francisco Bay is an amazing and memorable experience, but the weather on the Bay can change quickly from sunny and mild to foggy and cold. To ensure you have the best cruise experience possible, Captain Memo recommends passengers bring the following:

  • Sun Glasses
  • Sun Screen
  • Lip Balm
  • Hat or Visor (ones with a cord to wrap around your chin or that can be clipped to your clothing are best as they may fly off)
  • Sneakers/Tennis Shoes/Deck Shoes (no hard-soled boots, heels, or sandals, please)
  • Warm Weather Clothes*
  • Cold Weather Clothes (sweatshirt, gloves, beanie, scarf)*
  • Jacket and/or windbreaker*
  • Long pants or wind pants
  • Camera

* Wearing layers, even on warm days, is advised! T-shirt, sweatshirt, gloves and wind-breaker are the minimum of what we'd suggest; more if you tend to get cold easily, like a beanie, scarf and/or heavier jacket.

Life jackets will be provided.