I Spy With My Little Eye ... a Whale?!

If you’ve paid attention to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feed lately, you’ll have noticed an increase in the number of posts about whale sightings in and around the San Francisco Bay. 

Here’s a glimpse of beauty we caught just outside the Golden Gate Bridge.

Humpback whales generally enter the coastal waters off California during the summer and fall for feeding, however, those who’ve been sailing these local waters for years will tell you it’s only recently that we’ve seen them venture so closely along, around and within the San Francisco Bay.

But, why? 

Perhaps the relatively recent improvements in the quality of the Bay waters has allowed for the ecosystem to thrive, again, bringing an abundance of fish and krill that the whales feed on. This could be the same reason harbor porpoises returned to the Bay a few years ago after a 60-year absence. 

Scientists believe World War II shipbuilding operations may have disturbed the porpoise population. More so, the 50’s and 60’s saw water pollution surge as the population boomed – raw sewage was even allowed to flow right into the Bay. The Clean Water Act of 1972 helped clean the waters, but it took decades for the food supply and marine life to recover. And it seems we are finally seeing the results.

Whatever the reason, it’s definitely great to see marine life thriving again in the Bay, and reminder for us to take care of our surroundings. Our seafaring diners are counting on it!